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Sports Betting Rules

21.1. Accepted Bets

21.1.1. - A Bet can only be placed by the User through his/her User Account.

21.1.2. - Any Bet/s placed by the User shall be charged to the User's account.

21.1.3. - A Bet can only be accepted if the User Account has sufficient funds to match the Bet being placed.

21.1.4. - A Bet is a fixed odd Bet, meaning that the odds considered are those proposed when the bet has effectively been placed, unless other arrangements have been made;

21.1.5. - Any Bet is always accepted at ToBet360 discretion, with regards to the total there could be fixed discretional limits.

21.1.6. - In the case of disputes, ToBet360 will not consider any printed material presented by the User that is not issued by ToBet360 and/or cannot be found on ToBet360 database/s.

21.1.7. - All bets placed are subject to acceptance by ToBet360. They cannot be subject to any variation (unless expressly indicated by the ToBet360).

21.1.8. - To be valid a bet must respect the minimum selections established for that specific event.

21.1.9. - Bet placed for Event Combinations belonging to different sports must be authorized by the ToBet360. In such case the minimum selections will correspond to the sport with the highest minimum number of selections.

21.1.10. - It is not permitted to bet on a single event unless ToBet360 expressly indicates it’s on the website.

21.1.11. - It is not permitted to include more than one bet relative to the same event unless expressly authorized by ToBet360.

21.1.12. - The only abbreviations valid to specify a bet are those indicated in the section 'Sportsbook'.

21.1.13. - €0.50 cents is the minimum amount to be placed both for single or multiple bets.

21.1.14. - It is not possible to place multiple bets where a single result will affect the results of the others.

21.1.15. - Single bets accepted after the off-time of an event will be considered void, while in multiple bets the bet corresponding to that specific event will be considered void.

21.1.16. - Bets that do not respect the above mentioned rules, that are inadvertently accepted and thus infringe the rules or are altered by printing errors, or inverted by error, will be considered void and the corresponding amount refunded.

21.1.17. - The corresponding odds to single events are subject to variations, corrections or suspensions. If publication or odd definition errors should arise from mistakes in copying, the ToBet360 reserves the right to modify the incorrect odds even after the final result. The user will be informed straight away of such corrections by consulting the news on the site or the internal message centre. On single slips, if such corrections should occur before the off-time of the event, the user can ask to void the slip. On no combo, permutation or combo slips the request must be made before the off time of any of the events contained in the slip.

21.1.18. - Dates, times, live scores and results of events published by the ToBet360 are to be considered merely of indicative value, thus the results taken into consideration will be those published by the relevant Sporting Body at the end of the event. Any other subsequent modification of the result will have no effect on the bets. Hence disputes based on data and times reported in newspapers or other media will not be considered.

21.1.19. - It is not permitted to split a multiple bet or systems in order to bypass the maximum stake allowed for each single sport, eventual winnings will be void.

21.1.20. - It is not permitted to split a multiple bet or systems in order to bypass the maximum winning amount per slip which is € 10.000,00 or equivalent in other currencies, eventual winnings will be void.

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